Start Dreaming!

Everyone has dreams.

When you were a kid, what were your dreams?  Be an astronaut?  A teacher?  A doctor?  Maybe it was to be a palaeontologist!  Whatever your dreams were, it was enough to transport you into a great big world of your imagination.

How can we as adults, with all the stress and worry of our everyday lives and jobs, find that spark of imagination and adventure again?

  1.  Start a dream book.
    1. Find a wonderful plain journal/book.
    2. Fill it with pictures cut from magazines, printed from the net.
    3. Write your dreams all over it!
    4. Don’t edit yourself.  In this book, anything is possible!
  2. Try new adventures.
    1. Take a course
    2. Go with friends and do something new.  For example, rock climbing, caving (spelunking), writing a novel, go to a “paint nite” in your local bar or whatever.  You are only limited by your imagination!
    3. Sign up for adventure website, travel sites and others.
  3. Start a bucket list.  Add to it daily.  This is a work in progress and will change as you change and grow.  So wonderful to have and to begin to cross things off!
  4. Keep asking yourself, “What would I do or could I do with my life if I didn’t have to work?”  This can help clarify your passions and interests.

Once you start your imagination going again, it can gain momentum.  Remember your old dreams, start dreaming some new dreams.  Start living with dreams in your eyes and adventure in your heart!


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