Welcome to Healthy Living Tribe!

Healthy living tribe is a place where people who are looking to optimize their lives can gather.  Together we will share, learn and grow.

Living a truly healthy life takes a multifacted approach. We will focus on these important areas of life:

Health – without health there is nothing else.  Health is truly the foundation of a building a deeply fulfilling and enjoyable life.
Fulfillment – Fulfillment is a deep sense of satisfaction and purpose.  Finding one’s purpose, your dharma, and living accordingly is the way to contentment.
Happiness – Important yes, but it is also not just about you.  How can you increase your own happiness and the happiness of others?
Money – Money is a key part of your life optimization.  Having a plan for the future and your money provides security. Security builds mental and emotional health.  Successfully managing your money will increase your life satisfaction.
Advice Column – I hand out advice often and it’s something I love to do. I think I have valuable advice to pass on and we truly all can use a little helpful advice from time to time.  Check it out!  And send me your questions!

If you have topics you want me to write about please let me know!  And leave your comments!  I’d love to hear from you all.




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