And the enemy is…SUGAR!

Why is sugar our enemy?

  1.  Weight gain, excess sugar gets converted to fat.  Healthy fats, omega 3s and monounsaturated fats, can help increase metabolism.  So it isn’t fat consumption that makes us fat, but the excess sugar.
  2. It is addictive and we crave it:  see this wonderfully informative Ted-Ed talk about the dopamine response and sugar.  Learn how sugar behaves like a drug.
  3. We eat too much of it (see #2) and this replaces healthy foods, leading to a worse diet and much worse nutritional status.  Sugar is cheap and thus easy to add to foods, replacing healthy alternatives.
  4. Tooth decay.  Ok, we all know that sugar attracts bacteria that attack our tooth enamel, putting us at higher risk for cavities.  No one wants cavities.
  5. Eating a lot of sugar can increase our triglyceride levels, leading to an increased risk of heart disease.
  6. Too much sugar can lead to diabetes.
  7. To much sugar causes glycation in the skin causing damage to the collagen and elastin, making us look older and our complexions less healthy.
  8. Insomnia, due to the crashes and highs of the sugar rollercoaster.  These can keep us up at night.
  9. Worse memory.  Too much sugar can make the memory function less optimally.  People on a low sugar diet have improved memory functioning.

What is the number one New Years Resolution?  Yup.  Lose weight!  One way to effectively lose weight is to cut out sugar from your diet.  Sugar makes you fat. Simple.

And then you go to point number 2 above and so on.

And please don’t go to those artificial sweeteners!  They aren’t any better and don’t help with weight loss either.

The best replacement sweetener that I have found is Xylitol, which has the added benefit of being healthy for the teeth, or Stevia.  Both are plant based.

Based on my personal experience, simply cutting out sugars helped me lose weight.


Read labels. (Don’t eat anything with more than 5 gms of sugar per serving!!!)  Sugar is everywhere!  So many products in the grocery store contain sugar, things you wouldn’t even think of!  Ketchup, bread, sauces, cereals, etc.  So read those labels!

Be aware of all the different names for sugar.

Never eat ANYTHING with sugar as the top ingredient.

Remember that breads, pastas, starchy carbs are converted to sugar by the body.

I will talk more about sugar in later posts, as it is just too important and such a simple way to lose weight and be healthier.




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