Try Values-Based Goals for Your Best New Year!

Ready to Move Your Life to the Next Level and actually achieve your goals?

This time of year many of us start thinking about goals. The New Year can be an ideal time to rethink the direction of our lives.

Setting goals at this time of year can be traditional, and we can just keep picking the same couple of goals we have had for the last few (many?) years.

The most common being: Lose weight, Exercise more, Quit Smoking, Eat Healthier.

Why not pick some goals that reflect your values this year instead?

Why values based goals?

Values are the individual beliefs that people hold and the things that people deeply feel are important in their lives. These beliefs are the underlying motivations for how people act and behave. We can also define values as the preferences in your life. We create them throughout our lives, starting in early childhood.

Values vary between individuals, but there are common and shared values that occur within a family, culture, group or country. One example of a shared value is ‘patriotism’ common within a country. Many family members share similar values because of their upbringing.

Everyone has values, some people just are more aware of what their values are than others. 

Being aware of what your most important values are — your core values — provides a valuable guide for living a life that feels meaningful and can greatly help with decision making and with goal setting.

Setting value-based goals makes so much sense, can enrich the goal setting process and will enable the achievement of your goals.

For example, I have the value of security.

One way I can increase this value in my life is to work on my financial life and make it more self-supporting and secure.

So, one of my goals can be to increase my savings rate in 2020. This is a practical goal and yet also strengthens my core value. Making it align makes it more powerful. And making the link to a value increase the likelihood that my goal will be achieved. 

I can use the value based goal to help me make better decisions, one that aligns with accomplishing my goal of saving more (spending less). Each purchase decision can be preluded with a question “ Does this bring me closer to my value of security — of which finances is a key part?”

Take the time to figure out your values. Then use them as a guide when setting your goals for the new year, the new decade.

Value based goals can be a way to optimize your goal setting process and increase the chances that you are successful.

Grasp your future – the new decade – with goals that align with what is deeply personal for you, your deep values.

Happy New Year!

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