“When should I start saving for retirement?”


The best time was when you were in your twenties, but if that time is come and gone, then now is the best time.

Once you understand the power of compound interest, then you understand that it is your time in the market which has the power.

Compound interest is how the everyday person, with an everyday salary, can retire a millionaire. And no, you don’t need to live until you are 200 to retire.

Compound interest can be your friend, or your enemy. And it is very different from simple interest.

Simple interest is simply: “Initial Principle” X “your interest rate” X “the amount of time you are keeping your money in the account”.

Compound interest is interest on interest. Everytime your interest is calculated, the interest you earned is added into the principle for the next period of compounding. This is magic my friends.

(The magic becomes a curse when you owe money. Avoid debt!)

Find an online compound interest calculator: Try it, play around with it and see how your money can work for you. Here’s one:


The longer your money works for you in the market, the more money that you have.

Hence, when to start saving for retirement?


Because the option to not work until you are 70 is freeing.

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